Cerno Research: Free sample wage report for trucking or manufacturing

View current samples of our reports by downloading pre-selected national samples, select the appropriate study below. Please keep in mind Cerno's full reports contain many more regions. industries and company sizes than are available here.


Cerno's Canadian Trucking compensation study is the first of its kind in Canada - founded in 2000. Finally there is a consistent 3rd party benchmark available for trucking firms to track trends and help create a consistent and competitive pay program from driver to executive.

Rumour has ruled the trucking industry for decades. Take control of rumour with the facts provided in Cerno's annual study.

Manufacturing & Distribution:

Cerno's industrial wage study of the Manufacturing and Distribution industries in Canada has been a key Canadian study for over 15 years. Our focus is strictly manufacturing. We don't allow any government, hi-tech or oil to sneak into our numbers. Leaving you with only the industrial perspective - your main competitors - for a fair and balanced benchmark.

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