Cerno Research: Leading provider of industrial wage information in Canada

Cerno Research is the leading provider of industrial wage information in Canada. Every year we examine pay, employment policy and benefits practices in nearly 1000 locations across the country.

Our goal is to help our clients fully understand their competitiveness in as many industrial job categories as possible. Our reports are available for purchase rolled out into reports for your region, company size, union status and sub-industry.

The employment market is complex, and that is why Cerno provide as much research as possible. Industrially focused research in either our Manufacturing & Distribution or Trucking study allows our clients to compare themselves against companies running with similar margins in a similar business. Reports are then rolled out into as many diverse perspectives as we can by region, company size, union status, ownership status, and sub-industry. Allowing our clients access to multiple perspectives on even a single job title.

Cerno believes in a strict policy of 3rd party primary source data collection.

3rd Party

Cerno is not associated with any other market entity that has any primary interest in HR practise in industrial Canada. We are not a consultant or association or club. We believe that this strict policy ensures a truly unbiased approach.

Primary Source

Our data is collected directly from HR decision makers, never from employees, and never from a 3rd party research source. Direct collection and full control over our error checking process ensures accurate results.

Every year we are in direct with thousands of industrial HR decision makers. It is the function of our Research department not only to pursue the best possible data collection, but also to assist all of our clients in better understanding the wage and benefit market in Canada. Feel free to contact us regarding current market conditions at (905) 990-6111 or (877) 463-6284 Ext 210.

Cerno research has been collecting wage research since 1994, and is a proud member of the the Owen Media Partners group of companies.

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